342 Protests of Planned Parenthood Clinics and Facilities Took Place on Saturday, August 22!

Note: Each of the nationwide organizers of the #Protest PP effort has written a summary of the national protest effort and their personal experiences on August 22. Below is the account from Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. You can also read the accounts from Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League and Mark Harrington of Created Equal.

What happened Saturday was unprecedented in the history of legalized abortion. Over 300 protests of Planned Parenthood, in 47 states and 5 foreign countries—10s of thousands of people taking to the street in defense of life!

But this is just the beginning. We must continue our witness in defense of life and bring about an end to Planned Parenthood and legalized abortion.

Jill Stanek Commented: “The protests were an inspired idea, Eric, Mark, and Monica. Thank you for organizing it. I was inspired by the participation of so many pro-lifers across the country. Then I was shocked by the coverage our mass protest got in the mainstream media. And I was further inspired—almost to tears—to see fellow pro-lifers in other countries joining us in solidarity by holding protests of their own.”

Now we must do the following:

  • Call your state legislators and demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded. Insist that they watch the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress that show the violence of abortion and PP staff negotiating the sale of aborted baby body parts.
  • Make plans to attend the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies memorial services September 12th—taking place all over the United States—Find a memorial service near you at AbortionMemorials.com
  • Participate in the upcoming 40 Days for Life Campaign—beginning Sept. 23rd.
  • JOIN the next National Day of Protest of Planned Parenthood on October 10!
  • Please make a donation to Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. CPLS was one of the national organizers of this weekend’s PP protests. Your contribution will help us continue our pro-life work, bring an end to legalized abortion and create a culture of life. Just click on the link above—or send tax deductible contribution to: Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, 67919 Eight Mile Rd. South Lyon, MI 48178.

We are grateful to photographers Rich Mucha, Jill Marquette and Tom Catterall. And special thanks to Lynn Mills for co-organizing with CPLS the Detroit protest of PP.

Here are 4 photos from the PP Protest in Detroit:

Yes—the first is of the Satanists who arrived about one hour into the picket performing this bizarre milk-shower ritual! Notice the silent witness in the background—photo of 7 month old aborted baby. I have been in the movement for almost 40 years and have never seen anything so strange as this street theatre from hell!

The next photo—I am trying hard to convince the African American Woman, at left, who lived in the neighborhood of the PP abortion clinic, that abortion is violence, with photo of African American unborn baby aborted at 21 weeks. The other two African American women with me were pro-lifers who came to the protest. They were great—making an effort to reason with this woman who believed that as long as the “fetus” was in the woman’s body—it was her right to decide what to do with the pregnancy.

Third photo—this was in the Detroit News August 22—I think with excellent message regarding the scandal of PP selling aborted baby body parts. If I were PP in Michigan, I’d not be happy with this photo!

Fouth Photo—Towards the end of the protest—some of us assembled for this group shot right in front of the PP abortion center on Cass Avenue in Detroit.

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